Online Learning for Pupils - March 2021

Online Learning

While SIS classes are suspended due to COVID-19, we request that parents spend an-hour-a-week to support their child's learning at home. Classes 1 - 8 will receive learning every two weeks. It ensures that the learning is of high quality and is based on the school curriculum. Please check this web-page for home learning every two weeks.

If you have any queries about your child's learning, please email any questions to with the name of your child and the class they are in.

Click on the tabs below to access the planned online home-learning.

Ramadhan Booklets:

Class 1 & 2: Class 1&2 - Ramadhan Booklet
Class 3 & 4: Class 3&4 - Ramadhan Booklet
Class 5 & 6: Class 5&6 - Ramadhan Booklet

Class 2

Previous Home Learning:
Week 24-25: Week 24&25 - Class 2 - Home Learning
Week 26-27: Week 26&27 - Class 2 - Home Learning
Week 28-29: Week 28&29 - Class 2

Learning pack week 30&31: Week 30&31 - Class 2

Video to support your child has been uploaded below on the 12th of June.

Online Learning Videos

This section consists of videos created by teachers from SIS to support learning at home. Kindly watch the videos with your child to understand the learning task given.

Click here to visit the SIS YouTube channel!