This page has answers to questions that are asked frequently.  We hope it is helpful to you, insha Allah.  You can send your FAQs to

  1. How old do children need to be to join SIS?
    The minimum age is 6 years and the maximum age is 15 years.
  2. What is the fee for SIS?
    SIS does not charge a fee but parents are required to make a contribution towards the running of the school.  Currently parents of children make a contribution of £180 per year/per child.  There are no discounts for more than one child attending.
  3. How comes the parental contribution is so low compared with other schools?
    SIS is a non-profit making school and is supported project of ELM .  It works in partnership with four mainstream schools (Bow School; Mulberry Academy Shoreditch; Stepney Green School; and St Paul’s Way Trust School) who make a great deal of contributions in kind.  The staff members who work at SIS receive a remuneration for their expenses.
  4. How can I apply for my child?
    Enrolment for September start usually takes place in May/June.  Forms are available from the East London Mosque reception; any SIS branches; and can also be downloaded from this website.
  5. I have missed the September deadline, what shall I do?
    You can send an email to with all the details.  The school will get back if it can help, insha Allah.
  6. My child was not offered a place, what can I do?
    Unfortunately there is very little that you can do as SIS is an independent, selective school.  The school’s decision is final.  However, if you feel that there have been any unfairness then you can write to the headteacher at the email above.
  7. I have been calling SIS but no one answers the telephone?
    SIS does not have staff members who work throughout the week.  The best way to contact SIS is to send a text message or by email.  Each branch has a phone for emergencies during Saturdays only – the numbers are available at the back of your child’s SIS Diary.
  8. I want to find out how my child is doing at SIS?
    The school always welcome parents who want to get more involved.  Kindly see the Branch-in-Charge to make an appointment to see a teacher.  Teachers are usually available to see parents at the beginning or end of the school day – provided a prior arrangement has been make.
  9. I am moving and want a refund of my contribution, what do I do?
    The parental contribution to SIS is non-refundable.
  10. My child needs extra support, what shall I do?
    The first thing is to make sure that you are giving at least one hour of your time to support your children.  During this time the TV, mobiles and other devices should be switched off.  We suggest that your child studies in a room which has no distractions.  We also recommend that your child listens to the Qur’an CDs at least 2 or 3 times each day.  They can do that in the car, while resting at home, and at bed-time.  If you are already doing these then kindly see the Branch-in-Charge for further guidance.