Saturday Islamic School (SIS) was started by the East London Mosque and has been providing quality Islamic education to children since 1996.  SIS is in the process of producing material to support the delivery of its curriculum for Islamic Studies.

The aim is to produce lesson plans to support the learning objectives as outlined in the SIS Islamic Studies Curriculum.  It is expected that each of the lesson plans will be on a simple format and include the following:

· Brief background text to support the learning (e.g. reference to Qur’an, Hadith, Quranic stories or other literature in age appropriate language)

· Learning activities/task for the pupils (the tasks should be creative and engaging that involves doing rather than just listening)

· Ideas for home-learning (homework and how parents can reinforce the learning)

· Short assessment tasks/activities (to evaluate understanding)

The lesson plans must follow the SIS curriculum.  Any adjustments to the curriculum will need to be approved by SIS in advance.

SIS will have the sole rights of the lesson plans and all material produced.  SIS will make a payment for each of the lesson plan at a rate which will be agreed in advance.  Those who produce/write the lesson plans will be acknowledged in the publication of the lessons which will be in a book format.

This is a wonderful opportunity for serving teachers and others with relevant experience to contribute to a worthwhile cause and earn great rewards. 

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Deadline: 21st March 2021